Group Members


David Moran


David is a Lord Kelvin Adam Smith Fellow / Lecturer at the University of Glasgow and lead of the Nano-Electronic Diamond Devices and Systems group. His research experience lies in the areas of nano-fabrication, device design and simulation, and material and device high frequency characterisation.

David is also a member of the Institute of Physics Semiconductor Physics Group Committee and panel member of the British Council Researcher Links initiative.

Also: David enjoys many outdoor activities such as mountaineering, snowboarding, running and mountain biking.


Kevin Crawford

Kev 2

Exploring the use of the diamond material system in fabricating effective nano-scale electronic devices. Interest in diamond as a semiconductor stems directly from a range of desirable properties which other semiconductors cannot match.  While a proven candidate for electronic applications it is important to develop stable device fabrication techniques that specifically overcome the challenges which working with diamond presents.

Kevin is a registered STEM ambassador. STEMNET creates opportunities to inspire young people in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Visit for more info.

David MacDonald


Working to improve existing diamond semiconductor technologies to develop stable electronic devices which meet performance requirements for future applications in extreme environments such as space.


In his spare time David likes to take time out by reading, playing video games and occasionally skiing.

Andrew McGlone


Andy’s research focuses on the development of nano-crystalline diamond based micro electro-mechanical systems (MEMS). These systems contain diamond resonant structures that can be applied as sensors or actuators and can also be used to characterise a materials mechanical properties.

In his spare time Andy likes to run, play football, play the guitar and drink whisky.

Joe McGhee

Joe 1

The basis of Joe’s PhD is understanding the fundamental operation of the surface of diamond at the atomic and quantum level. By combining cutting edge diamond experimental work with atomistic modelling and simulation Joe will try to bridge the gap between theory and practice in fundamental diamond electronic device research.

Joe enjoys watching and playing football, going to the gym, playing golf, walking his dogs, and spending time with friends. He is also a registered STEM ambassador.


Previous members of the NEDDS research team:

Stephen Russell

Andrew Greer